Our Mission

Why do we call ourselves an "Appliance Boutique"?

Northe K&B's mission is to provide our customers with an unparalleled customer experience. We achieve this by focusing on a single brand and making customer satisfaction a top priority. We want to bring that personalized experience that can only come when focused on a selective catalog. And when you reach out to Northe, you will get a response from a REAL person...not a bot or AI.

Sure, we may not have the overwhelming options of our big box store competitors...and we're ok with that. Because here at Northe our goal is to bring that small, hometown store feel into the ease and flexibility of ecommerce. 

Being able to partner with ZLINE and help bring their "Attainable Luxury" into the homes our our clientele is what we strive for! And doing it with a sense of professionalism and expertise that can only be achieved when limiting our focus to a single, unique brand is what makes us special...and gives us that "boutique" vibe!

Whether you are looking for a single item, or planning a major remodel or new build, we are here to help...no project is too big or too small and your experience will be our focus...always!