Advantages Built-In Ovens Have Over Freestanding Ovens

Advantages Built-In Ovens Have Over Freestanding Ovens - Northe Kitchen and Bath

The type of oven you choose for your kitchen can greatly impact its functionality and visual appeal. While people widely regard freestanding ovens as the more traditional cooking solution, built-ins have quickly risen in popularity in the last several years. Sleek, compact, and practical, they come with a series of noteworthy benefits you should know when looking to upgrade your kitchen. These are some of the top advantages built-in ovens have over freestanding ovens and how they can make a difference in your home.

More Available Features

Wall ovens and freestanding models perform similarly in many ways. But several additional features come with modernized built-ins. Some of them include Wi-Fi connectivity that enables you to better program your oven and microwave or steam-cook meals. Most traditional freestanding ovens don’t have these capabilities, and you can miss out on some more convenient cooking options. Built-ins also provide the unique double oven option, providing you with twice the cooking space of a standard standing model.

Custom Visual Integration

Your kitchen’s looks can greatly affect your experience while cooking in the space. After all, we all want our dream kitchens to look pleasing to us, and it’s through custom designs that we can accommodate personal tastes. Wall ovens are incredibly sleek and subtle, meaning they can work visually with any style of kitchen, depending on the finish you choose. Their slight frame also makes it easy to build them in conjunction with cabinets, allowing you to hide them when they aren’t in use. Regardless of your vision for your kitchen, they can help make it a reality.

Better Space Conservation

The best advantage built-in ovens have over freestanding ones, though, is the amount of space they can save. Cooking areas aren’t always the most expansive, and many homeowners find themselves running out of room as they prepare particularly large meals. Since they take up wall space rather than floor space, these more compact models can leave you much more room to walk. Even the smallest kitchens can get the special upgrade you need with this simple addition.

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