6 Awesome Advantages of Owning a Microwave Drawer

6 Awesome Advantages of Owning a Microwave Drawer - Northe Kitchen and Bath

The microwave is a staple in any home kitchen. Whether you’re preparing a meal or simply heating leftovers, these compact ovens are convenient. Many homeowners even find themselves using these compact ovens more than their traditional freestanding ranges. However, microwaves aren’t all built alike. In fact, there are other forms of this appliance for you to choose from when upgrading your kitchen.

Drawer microwaves are a rising star in private homes across the globe. Designed with a top handle and drawer-like door, these models open much like your full-size oven and come with a slew of additional benefits. In this guide, we’ll cover several awesome advantages of owning a microwave drawer and discuss why they’re a great option for any type of cooking space. You’ll have all the necessary information to make a great choice when you decide to invest in an upgrade.

More Usable Counter Space

The first benefit of microwave drawers is how much workspace they save you on your countertops. Freestanding microwaves function well, but they tend to take up more counter space than you might realize. This eliminates space you could use to prepare meals, store ingredients, or further decorate the room to suit your style.

Drawer models are sleek and compact, allowing you to install them anywhere you want. This could be above the stove like a traditional model or even among your lower cabinets. No matter which you choose, the oven-like drawer door makes these microwaves easy to use. As such, you’re never sacrificing functionality, and you’re maximizing your overall kitchen resources.

Better Accessibility Features

It’s also important to note that microwave drawers are more accessible for those with limited mobility or range of motion. Standard microwaves have a side handle located almost exclusively on the right side of the machine, meaning that you need to be right-handed and tall to use them most comfortably.

Drawer handles, on the other hand, reach both the left and right ends of the device, making them easy to use regardless of your dominant hand. Because they open outward and can sit level with your lower cabinets, shorter people can reach them easily. So you’ll never need to worry about lifting heavy cookware over your head to get it into the oven. This can benefit many people, including those with trouble lifting heavy objects and individuals with arthritis.

Spacious Cooking Interior

Additionally, these models have more interior space than you might expect. While they might appear smaller on the outside, there’s plenty of room for any of your casserole dishes and tall coffee cups. For this reason, you never need to give up heating something you love quickly just because of the quantity you’ve prepared. It’s this feature that makes drawer models more than just another microwave.

Believe it or not, it can help when preparing dinner for larger groups of people. Simply cook in these devices anything your oven doesn’t have the extra space for. They can even cook traditionally larger foods like full chickens and racks of ribs with the proper arrangement. These microwaves are incredibly versatile and can significantly aid you in preparing even the toughest of meals.

Increased Kitchen Safety

Safety is one of the most important factors to consider when redesigning your kitchen space. Whether you’re doing a full remodel or replacing a few appliances, you need to know that your family will be safe using the room. While microwave drawers are closer to the ground, they’re some of the safest models to install for their locking feature. Concerned parents can set the locking mechanism by default, preventing kids from pulling the door open. Then, simply disengage it when you go to put something inside. Your child won’t be able to accidentally burn themselves, and you’ll never need to think twice about leaving them alone in the kitchen.

Easier To Keep Clean

Another awesome advantage of owning a microwave drawer is that they’re much easier to clean than your average microwave. As fun as it is to cook in your kitchen, cleanup can take hours and often discourages you from using the space to the fullest. Traditional microwaves have a turntable that rotates the food as it cooks to evenly disperse electron energy. But because drawers disperse energy from the top of the machine rather than the sides, they don’t need this component to thoroughly heat food.

Turntables are widely regarded as one of the hardest parts of a microwave to clean. As such, without one, you can wipe these devices down in a snap. You also won’t need to solve a puzzle to put those components back together once you remove leftover food residue. Simply wash with a damp dishrag and a small drop of soap, then rinse with a clean washcloth and wipe dry. It’ll be the quickest cleanup you’ve ever experienced.

Sleek and Stylish Design

This list of benefits wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t discuss how these microwaves look. Sleek, modern, and made with the latest home trends in mind, these microwave drawers fit with any interior kitchen style. As such, they’re easy to incorporate into your existing kitchen, and you can always find a finish that matches your other appliances. These microwaves also don’t have a bulky outer trim, meaning that you can install it anywhere and it will still appear compact and stylish. Much like wall ovens, you can even install one of these models within a kitchen cabinet, allowing you to hide it away and create a cleaner look for the space. The options are endless for bringing out the best in your kitchen design.

If you’re looking to bring the above benefits into your kitchen, Northe Kitchen and Bath has the perfect selection for you. We carry a variety of ZLINE microwave drawers, each with its distinct design and finish. These premium models are ideal for bringing a touch of luxury into your home and maximizing your kitchen’s overall performance. We also offer traditional microwave models should you find those more suited to your needs. Browse our collection today to find the right upgrade for this cooking essential.

6 Awesome Advantages of Owning a Microwave Drawer