5 Kitchen Appliance Upgrades Worth Making

5 Kitchen Appliance Upgrades Worth Making - Northe Kitchen and Bath

Your kitchen’s appliances are what turn this room into a functional cooking space. Designed to help you prepare even the most difficult of meals, the performance of these products can dictate your success. Unfortunately, not all appliances can handle the full extent of your cooking needs. This is especially true for older models you’ve had for several years. But with the right upgrades, you can easily bring your dream kitchen to life. These are some kitchen appliance upgrades worth making.

Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Whether we’re cooking something or not, our refrigerators work around the clock to preserve food and keep it ready for use. As such, you need something reliable that accommodates this level of traffic. Stainless steel refrigerators are ideal for home kitchens, as they come with ample storage space, intuitive cooling and control features, and sleek exteriors. Their metal finishes can withstand various types of scuffs, dirt, and fingerprints. Moreover, they clean easily, making them great additions to your lifestyle.

Easy-To-Clean Sinks

Stainless steel upgrades are useful for more than just your fridge. Sinks can also benefit from stainless steel finishes because they maximize their cleanability and functionality. You can choose to upgrade your sink’s overall look or even install a larger basin for more drying and washing space. And don’t stop at the basin. You can upgrade your faucet as well for more efficient and thorough cleaning. Many modern models have a range of settings that allow you to accommodate even the toughest messes.

High-Performing Microwave

Another kitchen appliance upgrade worth making is switching out your old microwave for a high-performance model. We use our microwaves every day, and this can start to show over time. Older models may have trouble heating thoroughly or controlling their internal temperatures. So consider upgrading this appliance to a more advanced product. This way, you know that you can rely on it to thoroughly heat your food for years to come.

Dual Fuel Ovens

When cooking meals, maintaining your control over the temperature is essential. Unfortunately, this is something you could lose as your older oven model ages. Dual fuel products have a gas rangetop and an electric oven. This distinction provides precise adjustability when cooking with the rangetop and ample heat coverage for items that you bake.

Gas Rangetops

If you don’t have the space for a full oven, consider switching to a gas rangetop, at the very least. Gas models use an open flame, whereas electric tops use heated coils. On these products, the dial directly adjusts the intensity of the flame, immediately changing the temperature to prevent boiling over or burning.

When you need appliances that can bring a touch of luxury and top-notch performance into your home, Northe Kitchen and Bath has what you want. From ZLINE gas rangetops to refrigerators to wall ovens, there’s no end to the premium products we offer. Shop with us today to elevate your kitchen and ensure it has all the capabilities you could ever want.