4 Convincing Reasons To Get a Dual Fuel Range

4 Convincing Reasons To Get a Dual Fuel Range - Northe Kitchen and Bath

When it comes to choosing the best way to cook in your kitchen, there’s an age-old standoff between electric and gas models. Many cooks debate over which is the better option for the home, and everyone has their own specific preferences. However, what if we said that you didn’t need to choose between them at all? Dual fuel ranges perfectly blend both worlds, featuring a gas stove top with an electric-powered oven range. Here, we’ll discuss a few convincing reasons to get a dual fuel range and what it has that other models simply don’t.

Responsiveness of Your Stove Top

One of the first advantages of using a dual fuel range is the general responsiveness of the stove top. It’s a common complaint among electric stove owners that it’s difficult to control their heating coils. This is because it takes longer for these models to shift gears between different temperatures. But with a gas stove top, it’s much easier to adjust the heat as you cook, and meals respond immediately to the rise or reduction in flame exposure.

Consistency of Oven Heating

Dual fuel ranges are also great for providing more consistent heating in the oven itself. Standard oven models often require cooks to rotate their dishes part way through the cooking time to ensure even coverage. Since dual fuel ranges have electric components in their ovens, though, they’re much more effective at filling that space with heat. Consequently, you achieve more consistent cooking throughout your meal without needing to change its position on the rack.

Drier Heat for Crispier Meals

Another noteworthy reason to get a dual fuel range for your kitchen is the drier heat it produces. This is especially important if you want to make well-browned and crispy dishes. Gas ranges tend to create more moisture along with heat, making it difficult to brown meals during the baking process. With electric components, dual fuel ranges don’t produce the same moisture level, allowing you to brown and fry foods to crispy perfection much more effectively.

Overall Value and Appeal

Above all, though, adding a dual fuel range to your home is a great way to increase the value and improve the flexibility of your home. These appliances are much more accommodating of different cooking styles. As such, they’re wonderful assets for anyone looking to potentially purchase your home. This can improve your home’s value as a whole and ensure you get a return on the investment, whether it be now or in the future.

If you’re looking to make the switch to a dual fuel range, you must purchase from a home appliance store you can trust. Northe Kitchen & Bath specializes in providing top-notch kitchen and bath appliances that bring higher performance and value to your home. We’ll help you attain the touches of luxury your home deserves.